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X-Country Skiing and Snowshoeing


X-Country Skiing and Snowshoeing are two excellent winter sport activities for getting off the beaten track and discovering the peace and serenity that comes with trekking in an high alpine environment. However by seeking time away from the masses, it does come with its own inherent risks.


In many ski resorts well defined tracks have been designed specifically for those taking part in x-country and snow shoeing activities. The runs are clearly marked and are supported by the same medical and rescue infrastructure that is available to other mountains users.


From an ski travel insurance perspective, underwriters see this as a particularly low risk activity and as such you will not have to any additional premiums to cover this activity.



Booking insurance online for X-Country Skiing and Snowshoeing


The insurance booking engine above has been pre-programmed to return the correct premium to cover X-country skiing and snowshoeing as standard as well as any other sports in the same risk category or lower. These activities can be viewed on the results page under the activities tab or in the full policy wordings on display.


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