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Off road Motorcycling  insurance


Motorcycling off road has very high risks associated with it and it's important that you have a travel insurance policy which has motorcycling off road covered as standard and which will provide full medical assistance if an incident occurs when taking part in this sport.

Off-road Motorcycling cover is available for guided off-road trips only for a max trip Max 7 consecutive days, provided you hold an appropriate full licence and are wearing a helmet. Please note there is no cover for racing or competing


Booking insurance online for Off road Motorcycling 

The insurance booking engine above has been pre-programmed to return the correct premium to cover motorcycling (off road) as standard as well as any other sports in the same risk category or lower. These activities can be viewed on the results page under the activities tab or in the full policy wordings on display.

You must choose the dates for the full journey, starting from and ending at your home and not the dates of the activity.

All of the activities are covered on a non-professional and non-competitive basis. 

Safety guidelines provided from a professional event company or organiser must be followed and appropriate safety equipment must be worn. Failure to do so will invalidate a claim. If you are unsure please do not hesitate to contact us on 0330 880 5097 and we can discuss your individual requirements.

If you have an any queries about our travel insurance policies and need clarification on any aspects of the cover then do not hesitate to use livechat or call and speak to an agent on 0330 880 5097, we are open 7 days a week to provide assistance.